May 4, 2013

What's in a Name?

Sometimes I am at a loss for words.  What can I name this piece that seems to speak to me so loudly.  Then at other times, the name comes before the piece is even designed.  The kingman turquoise stones pictured in these rings, I've had in my collection for about a year.  They kept calling out to me.  I'm of Osage heritage so all things Native American calls to the very depths of my being.  Turquoise stones speak the loudest, and these stones with their green and brown pattern speaks about the land and the valleys of my people.  My Osage ancestors came from the Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas area and were moved to the Osage reservation in Oklahoma in the 1870's. 

Osage Prairie

I made these rings in honor of my Osage grandmother (pictured as a baby in first photo) who instilled a passion within me for my heritage when I was young.  The band on both rings are textured with switchgrass from the Kansas prairie which I thought fitting for the stones. 

Land of My People

The piece, Osage Prairie, will be sent off to The Willa Cather Foundation gift shop in Red Cloud, Nebraska this month.  And the ring, Land of My People, will be listed in my shop soon.

So...HA.KO^ WA.VCY^.LA TA^.VE, translated:  What's on your mind?

UPDATE:  My Osage grandmother died just today on May 5th, 2013.  May she see the face of Jesus and all our ancestors that have gone before her.  Love you, grandma.