Jun 13, 2012

Joy Journal Project

Feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas, I've been anxiously awaiting the start of the Joy Journal Project taught by Amanda Jolley of Hidden Art Studios.  I kept looking at my new art supplies like a school girl waiting for school to start just so I could use my new "stuff".   I'm also participating in Art Journal Every Day and Creative Every Day. Triple the fun!

The Joy Journal Project is just that...a way to focus on the joys of our lives while creating an art journal about those joys.  The class has just started and will be a monthly endeavor.  What better way is there to bring a little creativity into our lives and a little joy along with it.

Here is my first page with the main joy in my life, my husband.  After 29 years of marriage, we've been through a lot together.  Most of our adventures have revolved around storms as in weather and trials and suffering.  Only through suffering can we truly appreciate and experience joy.