Jun 28, 2012

Joy Journal Project - Finding Joy Where I Am

It has been hot, dry, and windy here this week in Kansas, so my journal pages for this week
reflect that heat. 

Coneflowers on the prairies of Kansas grow wherever they are planted even in the hard rocky soils surrounding our house. 

It is in this hot windy season of summer that they dance in the wind
casting their seed to the surrounding area.

May I do the same...to grow where I am planted, finding joy in the midst of my rocky places, praising my God and casting my joy to those around me, even in the hot, dry, thirsty days of life.

Because life is too short to live otherwise...

These pages were created using Derwent 12 Inktense Block Tin Set and Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 12 Color Set (PHN-12) on photocopies of my coneflower photographs.