May 23, 2012

Art Journal Prompts

I just created an art journal prompt squidoo lens where I'm collecting my thoughts for an online Joy Journal project that I will be starting with Amanda Jolley of Hidden Art Studio on June 3rd.  I'm gathering ideas to keep me going after Amanda's online class.  You can say that her class will be my kick-in-the-pants to get me back into painting and drawing.  With the momentum built up starting her class, I want to continue this project well after the class is over.

My biggest hurdle is to think of ideas to journal to keep me going, thus the reason for collecting my thoughts and digitally writing them down.

Squidoo is a great way to earn a little extra money.  I'm able to pay my Etsy bill every month from the money I generate from my squidoo lenses.  If you would like to try making a squidoo lens, visit my page here and click the orange create a lens button on the right hand side.  It is easy to get started and can become addictive.  I'll be making a separate lens of my Joy Journal project work when I get started with the class.  So stay tuned...

Anyone want to join me in this Joy Journal project adventure?