Feb 16, 2012

New Kansas Prairie Grass Jewelry Line

Walking through the tall grass of the Flint Hill's prairie, listening to the wind blow through the tall grass stalks, I close my eyes and stand to listen to the conversation between the wind and the grass.  This is what makes me feel alive, makes my soul start to sing.

Out in nature with God's creation.

It makes me want to capture it to take it home for rainy, stormy days, so that I do not forget...

... not forget God's handiwork.  He has formed each blade of grass.  The grass will wither and die to bring forth new in the next season.  I can hear the conversation...

"The grass withers and the flowers fade beneath the breath of the LORD. 
And so it is with people."
Isaiah 40:7  New Living Translation 2007

Seasons of life...cycles and seasons.

To return to the soil, to sprout anew.  Cycles and seasons.  I hear the wind speak, the very breath of God..."do not forget".

Coming soon to my new website, Kit and Caboodle Shop and to area locations.  Contact me for more details.