Oct 10, 2011

My Old Beads Given New Life

Sharyl from Sharyl's Jewelry and Reflections recently purchased some of my destash beads from my etsy shop, Kit and Caboodle.  She was kind enough to show me what she created with the beads she purchased.  I have to say how much this thrilled me.  I'm actually very excited to see these beads used to make such a beautiful jewelry piece, and in a way that I would not have thought of.  It just reminded me that our creativeness is unique to each of us as artists.  Our creative thought processes are different and that is the beauty of handmade work, the uniqueness.  So here are the beads she purchased:

And here is her beautiful necklace creation using two varieties of the beads she purchased in one design.  I love how the copper metal links the beads together and gives the overall design a nice warmth.  I also love the color combination she put together with the reds and blues of various shades as well as the asymmetrical color placement.

Thanks so much for sharing these photos of your creation, Sharyl!  See more of her designs on her website, Sharyl's Jewelry

Anyone else care to share what they've made from my destash beads?  I'd be thrilled to see and share what you've created!