Jul 5, 2011

Bezel Setting Stones

I've created two pieces of jewelry with bezel sets.  I didn't do too badly with both, and I learned so much from the process.  My first bezel I did have to redo several times:  See post "The Challenge Continues...".  That is where all the learning came in.  Fixing mistakes is a great learning tool and helps you reinforce the basic steps to the process.

I've been surfing the web for other stones to set and have found two round stones of different sizes that I want to tackle next.  One is a kingman turquoise and the other is a cougar mountain chrysocolla.  Both are blue (my favorite color) in case I don't sell the new pieces, I can keep them for myself.

Thanks to Laura and her family of Cabbing Rough on Etsy, for letting me use the pictures for this post.  They have beautiful stones.  Sometimes I just stop by their shop to dream.

To do this the right way, I'll first be drawing up some designs to scale.  The turquoise will be a pendant, the chrysocolla a ring.  I'll show these designs in a later post.  In the meantime, I'll be studying further on how to set bezels and learning as much as I can beforehand so that I don't have to re-do the next time.  I've listed my resources that I'll be studying below in case you want to learn along with me.  It's always better to do things with someone.  Let me know what you come up with.

Here is my list of useful information on bezel setting:

Art Jewelry Magazine's Videos on Making a Bezel:
Part 1:  Measuring Bezel Wire

How to Set the Stone in the Bezel: