Jun 23, 2011

Update on Flame Painting Copper Finish

In a previous post, "Flame Painting on Copper", I show the results of the bracelet below after heating with a torch a piece of shiny patterned copper metal.  The colors turned out beautifully and varied from a yellow to an iridescent blue.  I researched online and found conflicting infomation as to whether I could put a finish on the bracelet to keep the color vibrant.  Some resources said that you can not add a finish as the iridescence comes from the play of light on the surface, and if you alter the surface you will lose the color.  Here is one such resource:  Preserving heat coloring of copper when clear coating.

So instead of putting a finish on the piece, I decided to just let it go au natural.  The first picture is the bracelet right after being flame painted with the torch.

The second is approximately six months after the heat treatment.  You can see that I lost the nice iridescent blues and some of the reds, and the bracelet is starting to look like the change in my pockets.

I'm going to continue seeking advice and trying new experiments.  I keep thinking there has to be a way to protect the nice colors.  Back to the drawing board...I mean the torch.