Feb 28, 2011

New Bronzclay Key Chain

My last batch of Brozclay came out of the kiln after nine hours of firing with less than desired qualities.  I fired some very thick pieces that didn't sinter properly.  They had a hard outer shell, but the inside was powder.  I'll be trying it again with a slower ramp speed this time to see if that helps with the thicker pieces. 

What did come out well was my thinner pieces, one being this molded fern heart.  It reminds me of the title of the movie, "Where the Red Fern Grows".  It's been years since I've seen the movie, and all I can remember is that it was about two dogs and a young boy, and that I needed a box of tissues to get through it.

After a record snowfall for the month of February, I'm ready for a little green to start growing in my heart.  Cold grey days can make one's heart hard.  Spring is a time for renewal of the heart, a building of relationships, a time of growth. 

Click on either picture to get more information on this key chain.