Feb 18, 2011

Jewelry Poll

Picking flowers is a lot easier than picking a business plan.  Marketing is one thing in the jewelry business that I have found hard to grasp.  Niche, target market, demographics, trends, blah, blah, blah, are all terms that confuse me.  I know that I need to create jewelry for a certain group of people.  But who are they?  Do they purchase jewelry online?  What age group?  What are they looking for?  Do they buy handmade?  Are there certain jewelry designs that they look for?  I don't want to necessarily create jewelry for the majority, but I do want to create jewelry that will sell.

So I put together a jewelry poll to gather information for at least those people who surf the web.  I'll use this information when I list items in my online shops.  My goal is to help jewelry artists find their target market as well as help jewelry buyers express what they desire. 

If you have time to take the poll, it would not only help me, but also other designers.  You may find some interesting information.  Here is the link:  Jewelry Poll