Jan 28, 2011

Creating a Balanced Bracelet

Finding a balance.  That is my goal in life as well as in my jewelry making.  Bracelets seem to be the hardest items to balance when designing.  I took on this challenge of creating a balanced bracelet with a challenge from Artbeads to come up with a jewelry design for the theme, "Winter Enchantment" using beads of my choice from their website. Since we've had snow on the ground for two straight weeks here in Kansas, I just had to design something related to snow and ice. So I chose some beautiful Swarovski beads and sterling silver bead frames to convey that icy theme.

I chose some beautiful bead frames made from sterling as the basis for my design. When designing bracelets, keep the weight evenly spaced so that the bracelet is not weighted too much on any one side. A balanced bracelet is one that is easier and more comfortable to wear. I've had bracelets that needed constant repositioning because the weight was not evenly distributed.  Spacing the bead frames out helped to balance the overall design both visually and physically.

With these bead frames, I added clear Swarovski crystal beads with an aurora borealis finish. Two butterflies are frozen in time and caged in two of the sterling square bead frames.

An 8mm bicone bead fits perfectly in the garden-like frame.  This ornate bead frame reminds me of my garden in winter with the leaves from fall trapped around the snow and ice of winter...

Makes me cold thinking about it...

Anyone for a cup of hot chocolate?

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Artbeads.com sends me beads to review free of charge. I use these beads in my designs and write a review about them, but I have not been paid for any endorsement. I give my honest opinion on the beads that I receive, so that you, as a reader of my blog, can feel confident in what you order from Artbeads.