Dec 30, 2010

"Ring" in the New Year

I've been trying to make my youngest daughter a ring.  She is a size SEVEN.  The ring I crafted came out to be a size FIVE.  She jokingly said, "You should pretend you are making a size NINE ring, then maybe you'll get a size SEVEN. "  I've only made one successful soldered ring band in my lifetime and that was under the direction of a teacher three years ago and it also came out smaller than I intended.  I've been making adjustable ring bands because of this problem of correct sizing...but that will change this year.  I'm going to conquer this problem!

Aligning two stiff metal ends together so that they can be soldered is the hardest part of making a ring band.  Excessive filing and sawing are what has gotten me into trouble with the sizing, and I fear that only practice will solve the dilemma.  So for anyone else with this are a few tutorials for your viewing pleasure.  Move over and share your popcorn, because I'm sitting next to you taking in all this information!  Let's RING in the New Year!

First is a Wikipedia article on ring sizing, with a chart.  Love charts!

Second is a great video on soldering rings with information on getting a good join before soldering.