Nov 1, 2010

Taking the Easy Way Out...A Dilemma for this Artist

I've been wanting to try more metalsmithing of sterling jewelry, but my beads keep getting in my way.  Beads are easy, readily available (I have tons), and are just comfortable to work with because I've worked with them for so long.  I'm still accumulating my metalsmithing tools.  I don't feel comfortable yet with the soldering.  I'm afraid of ruining even more sterling, and I don't have a lot of metal to work with because of the expense.

I've realized that I've been taking the easy way out.  I need to stretch myself....force myself....get out of my comfort zone, if I want to truly grow as a jewelry designer.  I need to dive into metalsmithing head first without looking back to my beads for comfort.  I think this applies to life in general...this clinging to what is familiar, easy, comfortable.  It takes momentum to change paths, to try something different, to risk failure.  But if I don't use that momentum to try something new, I become stagnant, stunted, and complacent.  Anyone with me in trying something new instead of taking the easy way out???