Aug 13, 2010

Upcycling Jewelry and Memories

My grandmother's death several years ago started my journey in jewelry-making.  She was a crafty sort of gal with many ideas flowing through her thoughts at all times.  She was always creating something new.   I guess it is true that the apple does not fall far from the tree.  I've been doing the same thing all my 40+ years of life. 

Before my grandmother died, she had purchased memory wire, because she wished to create bracelets for all her great-granddaughters.  Going through her things later, we found the wire, but she had not purchased beads for her project.  Being the crafty one in the family, I was given the opportunity to inherit her craft supplies.  I also inherited some of her beaded costume jewelry.  That is when the idea struck make those bracelets for her using her old jewelry pieces.  That is when the upcycling began.  Taking her old jewelry, I dismantled the pieces and divided the beads among the great-granddaughters' bracelets.  I bought a few beads as needed to finish off each bracelet and sent these memories of great-grandma to the girls in the family.

Upcycled jewelry, a gift that will bring back many happy memories of a very special woman.  Is there something that you've upcycled lately?