Aug 18, 2010

Sketchbook Project, Is the Butterfly Your Favorite Insect?

The first page of my "Sketchbook Project 2011" is entitled, "Is the Butterfly Your Favorite Insect?"  It may seem strange that my first question for God would be, "Is the butterfly your favorite insect"? As a child, I wondered about this as the butterfly is beautifully clothed in bright colors. This has to be God's favorite. He transforms a lowly caterpillar into a beautifully vivid butterfly. A beautiful picture of redemption.

Other questions included in painting: Do You long for world peace? More justice? Will You always be with me?...forever?

Do You hear me when I cry? or when I laugh? What's Your favorite color? Is the rain Your tears? the wind Your breath?

Medium: Acrylic and watercolor collage