Jun 22, 2010

Amazonite and Black Onyx

I'm continuing my "Gemstone Combinations for Jewelry" segment.  Today I'm featuring amazonite and black onyx together as a sophisticated color combination for jewelry.  I love the amazonite with the black matrix against the black onyx specifically.

Matching the amazonite with black matrix and the black onyx gives the transition you need from the green of the amazonite to the black of the onyx without it being too stark in contrast.  The matrix of the amazonite bridges the color differences of the two and brings them together perfectly. 

To make a design work, the jewelry piece needs to have a definite color dominance.  I would use either a lot of amazonite with a little black onyx; or the other way around, a lot of black onyx with little amazonite.  Have one dominate color: the green of the amazonite or the black of the onyx.  Anything close to 50% amazonite, 50% onyx, I would want to avoid.  The two colors will be competing with each other too much.  Color dominance is the key to good design.  Using the black onyx as the dominant stone gives your design a classy evening look.  Using the amazonite as the dominate stone gives a completely different look.