May 12, 2010

Soldered Glass Pendants Continued...

Yes, I could have given up on soldered glass pendants, but I have enough of a stubborn streak in me that I had to conquer this medium. I've not quite mastered the soldering yet...but I'm getting more at ease with the whole process. An art blogger friend, Amanda of Hidden Art, gave me this advice..."Don't force it, don't rush it, just let it organically flow. I've learned to appreciate the imperfections soldering gives."

So with that great advice, I created a few more pieces, taking my time, letting the solder flow naturally, and appreciating the imperfections...Thanks Amanda!

This is a smaller version of a lamb pendant that I had made before. The inspiration for this comes from Biblical scripture, Isaiah 40:11, "Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, in His arm He will gather the lambs, and carry them in His bosom." This is a comforting scripture for me knowing that God will carry me through rough times. He will and He does...

My daughters and I have been studying the scriptures in regard to water and what large bodies of water symbolized for the people in the area of the Sea of Galilee during the time of Jesus.  The sea represented evil or the abyss.  Storms on the sea were often sudden and deadly for the fishermen of that time.  Sometimes circumstances in life are like the storms at sea, and we are in the boat relying on God to calm the sea so that we can make it to shore.  The story of Jesus calming the sea in Matthew 8:24-26 is another comforting scripture for me when I'm going through "the storms of life".

Trees are stable, strong and provide shade, shelter, and food. It is a symbol of God's provision for our lives through nature. I love to look through the branches up toward the's like looking through a stained glass window of a cathedral.

This spent dandelion represents the end of life.  As we age, we can be more fruitful in influencing others through the seed that we spread as we give a part of ourselves away.  It is a time for investing in the lives of others more fully.

Yes, I could have thrown in the towel, but I'm continuing on this soldering journey.  Thanks so much for taking the journey with me.  I hope that you've enjoyed it so far...I'm sure it is not the end.