May 25, 2010

More Bronzclay Molds

My daughter and I went to the local farmer's market to see if we could sell some of our jewelry stash.  The weather was great, although it got a little windy (I'm not used to selling at an outdoor venue).  After chasing down some items that were blown around from the wind, and securing all light weight pieces, we seemed to do pretty well with our selling.

My favorite Bronzclay piece sold; my seedum necklace.  I'm so glad that I sold it, but hated to see it go.  So when I got home, I spent my profit in purchasing more Bronzclay.  I also spent a few days making more molds of botanical things around the house. 

Mold of a branch from an evergreen bush

Mold of a branch from a wild raspberry vine.

I also found these old rusty keys at a recent garage sale.  The sale had all kinds of cool old stuff, and I came home with these...rusty...old....keys.  I'm not sure why I like them so much.  Maybe because in the back of my mind I'm thinking that these keys were lost, misplaced, and maybe never found by the owner.  Or I start thinking about what they may have opened, and what may still lie in the boxes or behind those locked doors.  Or maybe they remind me of being a latch key kid growing up and having to keep track of the house key.  Anyway, I made molds of some of them also.

This is my favorite has a heart at the top.  Key to my heart!

While I'm waiting for my new clay to come, I'll keep making molds...