May 18, 2010

Gemstone Combinations for Jewelry

I have my favorite color and gemstone combinations.  I thought that I would share them occasionally for inspiration for other jewelry artists.  Today's favorite is garnet and rhodonite

I like this combination because of the contrast in opacity; the garnet being translucent and the rhodonite being very opaque.  Also the textures of both are different.  The garnet is usually very smooth, and the rhodonite is more rough.  When there are more than two qualities of elements in your design that are different, it is best to keep some similarities in the elements to keep the design cohesive.  The garnet and rhodonite have the same color hue that brings them together even though they have different texture and opacity.  There is enough difference between them to be interesting together, but similar enough to be cohesive.

What are your favorite color or gemstone combinations?