May 4, 2010

Ancient Inspiration

Being a visual person, I've always been inspired by what I see.  In the January 2010 issue of Archaeology Magazine, I was inspired by the color of the artifacts on the front cover.  Aged copper and bronze metals that have that rich blue/green patina.  The blend of the warmth of the metals and the coolness of the blue/green patina inspired me enough to rip the cover off my copy to keep for future reference.

I received my beads to review from Aunties Beads today that I chose to reflect the inspiration of color from the above magazine cover.  My plan was to create an ancient themed necklace using the pieces below:

I was very pleased with the quality of the beads.  They were as beautiful in life as they were on the website.  The Blue Turquoise Magnesite Trapezoid Pendant is pictured below.  Don't  be fooled by the name as this is not real turquoise.  Magnesite is a white stone of magnesium carbonate and is commonly enhanced with dyes.  It is still a beautiful piece especially for the price, but only time and exposure to the elements will determine its durability. 

These Antique Copper Plated Steel Discs would make great pendants or earrings.  They are a little wavy, not completely flat, which I like...the waviness gives the pieces character.  They are really too thin for stamping, but are very lightweight for creating earrings.

I also received this Copper Hook and Eye Clasp that I will use in my ancient necklace design.  I do have to say that the product in real life looks better than the picture on the Auntie's Beads site.  It seems to be well made (I tried to bend it) and will hold a good sized necklace together with no problem.

My favorite item from the collection has to be the Aqua Terra Jasper 14mm Round Bead Strand.  The beads have a wonderful color variation in each bead.  These are large 14mm beads and would be great for making bold jewelry.  I love the natural earthy color and I think they by themselves reflect the colors from the magazine cover well.

I have a hard time making color judgements online to get separate pieces to match.  I was hoping the Magnesite pendant would match the Aqua Terra Jasper beads better than it does.  I'll save the Magnesite pendant for another design, use the copper disc as a pendant, or just use the Aqua Terra Jasper beads with the copper spacer beads (pictured with the whole collection), as the jasper beads could stand alone perfectly well on their own.

So, I've learned that not only can color be a beautiful inspiration, but also age.  Now that I'm (a...hemmm) pushing 50, that is good news! sends me beads to review free of charge. I use these beads in my designs and write a review about them, but I have not been paid for any endorsement. I give my honest opinion on the beads that I receive, so that you, as a reader of my blog, can feel confident in what you order from Auntiesbeads.