Apr 30, 2010

Soldered Glass Pendant Necklaces Completed

So...awhile back I had a post on soldering glass jewelry. Yep...there is quite a learning curve to getting the soldering done and done neatly. I had a difficult time. First of all, my solder iron tip was too wide, so I had to order a smaller tip (1/8 inch). Then I was soldering at too high of a temperature, and I melted the copper tape adhesive and had to start over. I finally got them finished, with some extra filing and sanding of the rough spots. Yes...I know that you shouldn't have to file and sand. The last one out of the four I didn't have to file and sand as much as the first three.  I'll be practicing more....in the meantime, if you have any soldering tips for me, I'm all ears.

These "rough" lovelies which contain my original watercolor paintings will be going to the Manhattan Arts Center Watercolor Studio Show in June.  Yippeeee!