Mar 29, 2010

The Art of Simplicity

I've just returned from a three week mission trip to Zimbabwe, Africa where I worked at an orphanage, Eden Children's Village. Each trip I take teaches me something about myself or about life in general.

Life in Zimbabwe has been a hard one in recent years.  Poverty, bad government, AIDS and other diseases have ravaged the country.  But there was a joy there that I've not found here in the states where we have our basic needs met.  The people of Zimbabwe lived a simple life without distractions that technology brings.  Many times we were without electricity and ate supper by candlelight.  Our entertainment was sitting around the table and enjoyng the company of our new friends.  Looking up at the night sky without the light pollution from the cities brought out more of the magnificent stars in the heavens. 

I want my art to reflect the peace that simplicity brings: stripping down design to the basic elements and form.  Many of my paintings reflect that style already, but I'd like to take it a step further.  I'll be continuing my quest for a simpler approach to art and life itself.  I'll be purging items from my closets and giving away the things that are burdens and taking up space and time.  I'm getting out my paints and jewelry supplies, finding what works and what doesn't and moving on to a simpler life.