Jan 22, 2010

Valentine Beads, Charms, and Stamps

I was making some Valentine jewelry and needed a few special charms to finish the look of a beaded charm bracelet, when I received an invitation from Artbeads.com to review some of their Valentine beads, charms, and pendants.  I found exactly want I needed to finish off the bracelet: small rustic copper heart pendants, and copper plated key charms.   The back of the heart is concave but with the same beautiful finish.  The copper-plated key charms are flat on one side and raised on the other.

The hearts were just the ticket to complement the rose colored Czech glass beads that I had attached to the bracelet. The pink in the Czech glass beads, together with the heart, and the copper key charms added a delightful rustic look for a Valentine bracelet that is not overpowering and can be worn anytime of the year.

I was so delighted with the look that I also made a beaded bookmark for those who love romance novels.  Again I used copper plated chain with the rose Czech glass beads. 

As I was browsing the Artbeads site, I also found a nice little heart stamp to use for my new jewelry projects of stamped metal.  See post on Metalsmithing and Stamping Metal Jewelry.  I've made greeting card designs using a rubber heart stamp for paper crafts.  The same ideas can be used in metal.  I had a hard time at first getting a good impression from the stamp, but with practice on a sticky note pad, was finally able to get a feel for it.

As in the past, I have to give Artbeads.com an A+ for great products with great service.

The heart is a very versatile and beautiful thing...don't you think?

Artbeads.com sends me beads to review free of charge. I use these beads in my designs and write a review about them, but I have not been paid for any endorsement. I give my honest opinion on the beads that I receive, so that you, as a reader of my blog, can feel confident in what you order from Artbeads.