Jan 3, 2010

New Year's Creative Resolutions

Looking back over the last year, I've resolved to make some changes for this new year.  I have found that with all the computer time I've spent in promoting my art and my work, I've lost my creative self.  I have a list of creative things left over from last year that I wanted to get accomplished, and I did not get through my list. 

This will be the year that I learn silversmithing and get my workspace lined out, the year that I do more bronzclay work and actually post my results for you.  I want to work on my photography skills in photographing my jewelry products.  I also need to get more organized with my business books.  I want to get back to watercolor painting and also learn glass fusing.  Maybe I'm being over ambitious, but I think that I can do this.  What do you think?

What are your creative new year's resolutions?