Jan 19, 2010

Metalsmithing and Stamping Metal Jewelry

So, what have I been up to lately?  Well, this week it has been metalsmithing. I took a class about three years ago in metalsmithing and have a lot of the tools, but have not used anything I learned from the class until this last week.  I bought a small Benzomatic torch that I've used for soldering.  Here are two pendants that are works-in-progress.  The first is stamped, and then a copper butterfly is sweat soldered onto sterling silver sheet, all cut myself.

The next pendant is a stamped piece of copper that I inlaid with silver solder.  I have some more filing and polishing to do on this piece, but I think it gives you an idea of what the finished piece will be like.

Artbeads has a great video on tips for stamping metal.  Here is the link to that video: 

I think I've found some new obessions this last month...metalsmithing and bronzclay.  As artists, we are always trying new creative things and furthering our skills.