Oct 7, 2009

How to Get out of a Creative Slump

Photo by Kayla Dowell used with permission

I've not created anything...nope, nothing...zilch...nada for the last month. I've been busy with activities with my girls and basically have not had the time to devote to creative endeavors. I'm now thinking that I need to get back in the swing of things, especially since I've got a show coming up at the local gallery with my paintings due the 22nd of October. I had wanted to paint some watercolor and acrylic collage paintings for this show along with sculpting some Bronzclay jewelry pieces.

But, I've lost motivation or inspiration or ambition or something. I'm in a slump. I need to bring back some of that creative energy, and I bet that some of my readers have encountered this problem as well. In the past, I've done the following things to find inspiration:

Get out my sketchbook and just doodle. This always frees me up to create something with no end result in mind to distract my thoughts. Sometimes I come up with ideas for paintings or designs for jewelry, and sometimes I don't. The very act of creating always motivates me to do more.

Get out my old painting and jewelry magazines and look at all the pictures. This visual feast for the eyes brings about a wealth of inspiration. I'll see styles of painting I want to try or color combinations that I want to use in my jewelry designs.

Get outdoors and take a walk. Being out in nature always clears my mind of my busy schedule, and the exercise seems to help my thought process.

Get out my creative journal. I keep an art journal of drawings, doodles, and ideas that come in the middle of the night, or when I don't have time to implement these ideas and want to remember them later. I forget sometimes what I have written or drawn, and revisiting those ideas motivate me to find the time to try them.

Get some new craft supplies to "play" with. My local Hobby Lobby store is a great get-away and source of inspiration. I'll walk the aisles not looking for anything in particular. Something almost always grabs my attention and gets my creative thoughts clicking. I also visit my craft closet to find items that I've tucked away for later use.

As I look back over this list, I see a common thread...Get. Maybe I should just be a gettin' on with the business of creating. I'm sure that everyone has their own method(s) of gettin' out of a creative slump...what's yours?