Sep 18, 2009

Bronzclay Information and Tutorials

I recently purchased Bronzclay to create sculpted jewelry pieces from bronze (a metal composed of a tin/copper mixture). Bronzclay is much like precious metal clay; it is shaped like pmc, but when fired becomes bronze instead of silver. Copprclay is also new and similar to Bronzclay. With Bronzclay you need a few more items to fire your pieces correctly. Unlike silver clay, bronzclay can't be torch fired, but instead needs to be kiln fired. These extra supplies will be needed to fire the clay in a kiln: a stainless steel firing pan, and activated carbon. These items are used to keep the bronze from oxidizing when fired.

If you want to learn more about Bronzclay along with me, I've added the following links explaining more about how to work with Bronzclay.

Bronzclay and Copprclay Information and Videos:
Cool Tools - Bronzclay information and videos
Rio Grande - free pdf handbook on both Bronzclay and Copprclay
Cool Tools - Copprclay information and videos
Whole Lotta Whimsy - video tutorial on getting started with Bronzclay - a collection of links and information on Bronzclay

If you have more good links for Bronzclay or Copprclay, please feel free to share them in the comments!