Aug 28, 2009

Easy and Safe Way to Oxidize Sterling Silver

Above picture shows pieces oxidized with hard boiled egg: far left, oxidized piece, center piece polished slightly after oxidation, far right piece not oxidized.

I bought some Liver of Sulfur to oxidize some of my sterling silver jewelry pieces. My daughter tried it first to see how it worked. She first had to boil water and then dissolve the liver of sulfur into the water, being careful not to inhale the dust. She dipped her silver pieces into the mixture to oxidize them being careful not to get any on her skin. It wasn't a bad process...just a little cumbersome having to prepare the mixture and being careful with the chemical.

I found a website, Home Jewelry Business Success Tips, that explained how to get the same results naturally using a hard boiled egg. I had to try the process and it was much easier. After I cooked the eggs, I put the silver pieces into a Ziploc bag along with the hot hard boiled egg. (The site said to peel the egg first, then break it into pieces, but I just cracked mine and broke it shell and all). After about 15 minutes, I had some wonderfully oxidized pieces. Now I know what to do with all of those chicken eggs we gather daily. Who knew?...