Jul 2, 2009

Limited Edition Multi-Color Cubic Zirconia Marquise Bead Review

I've been working with Artbeads.com for a little while now. They send me free beads and I blog about them giving my opinions on not only the quality of the beads, but the quality of their service. I've always been honest in my assessments, and they have been more than gracious to accept both my praise and my criticisms. This, in part, is why I continue to write reviews of their products.

I recently received these Limited Edition Multi-Color Cubic Zirconia Marquise Beads for review. Again, my beads arrived safely and quickly. These were small beads as you can see from the above picture of me holding the 8" strand I received. Each bead measures 6mm x 1.5 mm. There were approximately 90 beads on the strand: all were beautiful with colors from bright orange to deep purple.

I made these earrings using a loose wire wrapping technique with 24 gauge 1/2 hard sterling silver wire. As with all briolettes, you have to wrap them with care so that you won't break off the top where the hole is drilled. They are attached to sterling chain and hung on sterling ear wires. Artbeads.com sells many different types of ear wires that could be used in making these earrings.

With the color choices in the strand, I can make many different earring sets, or use them to make a necklace of the same style. I've also read recently, that cubic zirconia is safe to use in a kiln, so I may try using them with polymer metal clay in the future. These little gems have inspired many new ideas in my jewelry making.

So, here is the grade card for the Limited Edition Multi-Color Cubic Zirconia Marquise Beads:

Delivery Time: A+ received items within 4 days of order.
Quality of Product: A beautifully faceted for maximum sparkle. A little on the delicate side as expected with briolettes.
Ease of use: A+ very easy to design with and very versatile. Many colors on a strand make for endless design possibilities especially for earrings.
Price: A+ at approximately 35 cents per bead, these are a great buy. I wasn't able to compare with other bead shops as I was not able to find the exact beads elsewhere. I did find 8mm x 4mm beads sold separately for $1.45 each.
Artbeads.com sends me beads to review free of charge. I use these beads in my designs and write a review about them, but I have not been paid for any endorsement. I give my honest opinion on the beads that I receive, so that you, as a reader of my blog, can feel confident in what you order from Artbeads.