May 18, 2009

What Has Inspired You This Week?

It has been a busy month for me and our family. My youngest daughter, Christine, won the Kansas Junior Academy of Science competition for Small Middle School. See her picture above. She is the short one. Then, our family traveled to Reno, Nevada, for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. My oldest daughter, Kayla, was a finalist competing against 1600 other high schoolers from around the world. She didn't receive any awards, but we were inspired by all of the great work these young people had done in the field of science.

This all brings me to my question: What Has Inspired You This Week?

Whether we realize it or not, inspiration is all around us. We can see, feel, taste, and hear things that trigger within us an idea or a passion. Inspiration is not just for art, but also science, business, and all other aspects of our lives. Creativity is needed in all areas. The creative scientist is one who can create new ideas or theories that can be used to solve the problems that we face today. Finding a cure for cancer, formulating a vaccine for swine flu, eliminating malaria in developing countries, will take a creative mind that is inspired to find the answers.

So, back to my question: What Has Inspired You This Week? And maybe another question would be: What are you going to do with that inspiration?