May 22, 2009

An Approach to Creating

I came across this interview with Chris Rice, who is one of my favorite musicians. When he was speaking toward the end of the interview about how he comes up with his songs, I was struck by how similar he approaches his music to how I approach my art and jewelry. Chris talks about how he is influenced by what he reads, by his musician friends, and how he keeps his ideas on notes or in a book.

If you could see and forage through my house (you would have to literally forage), you would find scraps of paper with drawings, phrases or words of inspiration that I've jotted down to use at a later time. Sometimes, they end up in a sketchbook, but many are on sticky notes lining my desktop or hanging on my bathroom mirror. I'm inspired by what I read, by what I experience, and by my artistic friends...and I'm also inspired by music.

Is your artistic approach similar or different? Feel free to comment.