Apr 15, 2009

Squidoo and Altered Books

A few months back I posted a tutorial on Altered Books. I've recently taken those posts and created a Squidoo lens. A Squidoo lens is like a mini-blog that contains just the relevant items on your very specific topic. Squidoo allows you to add video, Amazon links to products, your flicker photos, links to other sites related to your topic, and much more. If you would like more information about creating a Squidoo lens here is a site that can help you get started, How to Make Your First (or Second) Squidoo Lens.

I'm adding some extra links that I've found about Altered books in this post and will be adding them to my Squidoo lens as well.

Visit Karen's Whimsy and scroll down to see her altered book gallery.
Jenny's Altered Books has some great ideas and tips for altered books.
The Altered Page by moderngypsy.com has several altered books that you can page through to see the beautiful altered work.

I've just check out these books from our local library on altered art:

I think I need to curl up on the couch and read these. I'm sure I'll find some inspiration and some great information that I can use in my altered books.