Apr 10, 2009

Creating A Better Blog

Blogging has greatly helped me introduce myself to the art world on the internet. It has brought some fantastically creative people my way who have both inspired me and given me information on how I can be a better artist. My blog has been an effective tool for marketing my art as well by allowing me to explain why I create certain pieces and giving my customers the story behind my work.

I've recently joined Darren Rowse's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge on Problogger. The first assignment was to write an elevator pitch or a summary of my blog's purpose when I have little time to communicate. He suggests many uses for these elevator pitches...one being a tag line for my blog, so that those visiting my blog for the first time can see exactly what I'm about...I only have a limited time to communicate my purpose and grab my reader's attention. The elevator pitch is also a guideline for my future posts, to keep me on track of my purpose much like a mission statement.

So right now my elevator pitches are:
Short version used as my blog tagline: This is my artistic journey in jewelry making and art.

Longer version as my welcome: You are welcome to journey with me on this road of art and jewelry making. We'll explore tutorials, challenges, inspiration, visiting artists, product reviews and more. I'll share what I do and know, and hope that you will share also through comments. Thanks for coming with me...did you bring a map?

I would love your suggestions on how I can make these statements clearer, more concise or more accurate. If you have an elevator pitch for your blog and would like to share what your blog is about, please leave a comment. I'd love to read yours.