Apr 29, 2009

Hunger and Hope

Hunger in the developing world is a continuous and daily problem for many people. The inspiration behind my art and my blog is the desire to see children fed, clothed, protected, and given an opportunity for a better future. This is in part, the reason I have united with fellow bloggers from BlogCatalog in partnership with Heifer International in Bloggers Unite for Hunger and Hope today to post about the problem of world hunger. This is a chance to open up a dialogue between bloggers and their readers to discuss the problem and possible answers to the situation, as well as to bring about an awareness of the growing problem.

My family and I traveled to Tanzania, Africa last year and saw the effects of malnutrition and the fear in the voices of the people about the world food crisis. To live in fear that there may not be enough food to survive the future is hopeless.

Our family supports an orphanage in Zimbabwe, Africa, Eden Children's Village. Right now in Zimbabwe, there is a real and growing food shortage. Inflation is at an all time high of 23 million percent as stated by the Sydney Morning Herald. The guardian.co.uk published a video that shows people in Zimbabwe panning for gold just to buy bread.

My husband traveled to Kenya last month. He was there to help with the food shortage in Kenya from pest infestation. Today Kenya is suffering the effects of a year long drought. There is no grain in storage and there is another 4-5 months before the next harvest.

Answers to the problem vary. Sending food aid is a short term solution. Our family volunteers with Tractor's for Our Daily Bread which is a ministry that focuses on a long term solution. TFODB offers refurbished Ford 8N tractors to ministries and institutions overseas as well as here in the U.S. to help people grow more food with less work. But even this is just a partial solution to the problem.

I've listed some resources on my home school blog that are useful in teaching children about world hunger. You can these resources here.

I would love for you to share any insights you may have to the problems of hunger in the comments section. Together we can find an answer.

Links to sites that focus on eliminating poverty and hunger:
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Heifer International
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