Mar 30, 2009

Advertising on Project Wonderful

I really do not enjoy marketing and advertising. I've never liked selling things. I'm very much an introvert who likes to blend into the background and not bring attention to myself. I had always dreaded heading out to sell Camp Fire Girl candy in the neighborhood when I was a girl, and I hate having my kids go out to sell stuff to raise funds for events. I'm not a natural seller. But, if I don't sell my art, then I can't make more, and so advertising and marketing is a must.

If you are at all like me, you may enjoy Project Wonderful, an automated ad auction site that allows you to bid to put your ads on other sites as well as offer advertising on your own site. On my left sidebar, I have a Project Wonderful ad box where I can accept advertising from other on-line businesses and blogs.

Project Wonderful lets you set up your ad campaigns by allowing you to choose the sites you want to advertise on, to set the limit on the amount of money you want to spend, and to set up your own time limit your ad is shown on any one site. It's is a very easy, safe, and effective way to advertise. Sometimes you can advertise for free. I have been running my ads from $0 to $.05 per day on other sites.

Project Wonderful lets you apply to become a publisher so that you can make money from the ads of other on-line businesses. You submit a link of your site, they review to make sure that you have an established site with 30 or more relevant informative posts. After about four days, they notify you of your acceptance to be a Project Wonderful publisher. You then can display up to five ad boxes per site. You can choose to hand select the ads so that the ads are related in some way to the information on your site.

So get your ad designed and ready, then watch my sidebar, you may be able to snag a free spot! If you decide to join the Project Wonderful team, let me know, I'd love to advertise on your site. And be sure to visit my sponsors on the left.

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