Feb 17, 2009

Fleur-de-lys Watercolor Painting

This 11"x14" watercolor is entitled "Fleur-de-lys". It is from my series, "A Word Paints a Thousand Pictures", where each painting is embedded with words that add to the meaning of the piece. In this iris painting, I added the following up the stem and into the flower, "symbolizes purity and chastity, represents the Holy Trinity, consider how the lilies grow: they have no worries, they are here today, gone tomorrow, yet God dresses them in beauty". I'm fascinated by symbols in art. The fleur-de-lys symbol comes from the iris or lily. The fleur de-lys symbol represents the Holy Trinity, chastity and purity. You can read more about the symbolism at these links, fleurdelis.com, and Wikipedia.