Feb 25, 2009

My Second Attempt at Combining My Painting with Jewelry

Well, this is my second attempt at incorporating my watercolor painting and my jewelry making. I'm calling it jewelry art (original isn't it). Anyway, I took a frame charm made from copper plate and painted a butterfly on watercolor paper to fit the frame. Yes, it is tiny, only 5/8" x 3/4". It's hard to sign a small painting...I had to use my magnifying glass.

I painted a coat of acrylic medium on the top of the watercolor painting to seal it. Then I added a 2-part epoxy resin to the top which hardened to a nice glossy finish. My first attempt went well, I just had too many bubbles trapped in the resin. I learned that reading the directions on the epoxy resin helps tremendously. I learn mostly by doing, then reading the directions, then redoing. It's my learning cycle.

I know that no one else does things this way...

After writing my post, I got my new kiln in the mail and opened the box to read this in big bold red letters.

I think it was written just for me. I'll be reading the directions first this time.