Feb 27, 2009

Handmade Stimulus Package

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

I've started my own stimulus package. I recently took the "Buy Handmade" pledge on the Etsy website that offers a place to buy and sell handcrafted items. The site has many artisans who sell handcrafted items from all over the world. Items such as jewelry (my favorite), clothing, purses, fine art, pottery, etc...

By signing the pledge and fulfilling the promise to buy handmade, I've essentially created my own stimulus package. The money from my purchases will go directly into the hands of the individual artisans, not corporate executive officers. I benefit by purchasing unique quality items. There are many other sites that offer selling and buying of handcrafted items such as:
Made It Myself
1000 Markets
Artisans Market
The Handmade Product Directory

These are just a few that I'm familiar with. If anyone has any more to add, leave the site address in the comments for others to see. Many artisans have their own websites where they sell their art and crafts that you can search for on the internet.

So, join me in this buy handmade stimulus package created by the people and for the people! Let's turn this economy around! Yeehaw!