Jan 6, 2009


I've joined the group, "Creative Every Day", and I'm taking the challenge to be more creative on a daily basis. Although I'm not painting daily, I am doing creative things more regularly. This month's suggested theme is "PLAY". Here is what I sketched out:

After I sketched a swing in a tree (the PLAYMATE nursery rhyme was going through my brain at the time, you know, playmate, come out and play with me . . . ), it started to evolve. My thoughts went from PLAY to LOST TIME NOT PLAYING.

Then there came urgent thoughts to PLAY while there is still time.

To my final thoughts: "PLAY TODAY because time is limited, both in a day and a lifetime. Night is crowding inward as the ravens are gathering signifying that time is quickly lapsing".

Yikes! I need to play more . . . much too serious.