Dec 24, 2008

Holiness and Sacrifice

I love finding strong meaning in mere words. Much of my art revolves around words. I enjoy taking one word and painting the meaning of that word, or using God's word to inspire my art.

As I've journeyed through this life, I've found that the word "Christian" can mean different things to different people. Some meanings are edifying, some are not: Christ follower, born again, conservative, close-minded, intolerant, etc.

I believe the meaning of "Christian" comes down to two mere but strong words, "Holiness and Sacrifice". We as Christians are to strive for "holiness", but because we are human, we are not capable of achieving holiness apart from the power of Christ's sacrifice. So "Holiness and Sacrifice" are linked together giving strong meaning to the other. Sacrifice has no power apart from holiness, as holiness has no power apart from sacrifice. We can only be transformed to holiness by embracing His sacrifice.

Holiness and Sacrifice

I approach the manger and peer over the edge to see Holiness and Sacrifice wrapped in swaddling clothes. He cries not only for His own helplessness as a babe, but also for the helplessness of this world bound in sin . . . my own helplessness.

I sit at His feet and gaze into His eyes, realizing that He will grow to become my Sacrifice. The longer I stay, the more I become a foreigner to this world, and I realize my home is no longer on this earth, but in the arms of Holiness and Sacrifice.

Merry Christmas!