Dec 27, 2008

Christmas Spirit Award

When I came home from visiting family for Christmas, I found that Luthien from pimp & paint had awarded me with the Christmas Spirit award. Thanks so much Luthien! If I didn't have Christmas spirit before, I do now! So, I'm suppose to list five reasons why I love Christmas. Here goes . . .

1. I love the food, especially all the chocolate stuff. I usually get some form of chocolate in my stocking every year (that is if I've been good). Thanks Santa! ;o)
2. The Christmas break from home-school. My girls love this part, but Mom enjoys a break from school work too!
3. After Christmas sales and gift cards. I love getting stuff cheap, especially if I can pay for it with a gift card!
4. Visiting family and friends. It always makes me thankful for those I love.
5. Trying to keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas! Every Christmas I battle to keep the true meaning of Christmas on Christ, and this fight drives me closer to Him. That is by far the best part of Christmas for me!