Nov 22, 2008

Why I Create

There is something inside my spirit that propels me to create. My connection with my Creator brings creative ideas to the surface of my soul, and I just have to act on those impulses. It has become a worship experience for me to play out those ideas to see where it leads. God has given me a passion for creating.

He has also given me a passion for children, especially those children that are living a rough life. God has joined my creative impulses to my passion for children. He has been directing me to give the proceeds from the sale of my creations to help support Africa's orphans. We work with several orphanages in both Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Currently we are raising funds to purchase a tractor for a Catholic mission in Tanzania that will be used in the community of Ifakara, and more specifically to help feed the orphans shown above. The tractor will be purchased through "Tractors for our Daily Bread".

I may not stop creating until all children are fed, clothed and educated; then again I could go on for eternity.