Nov 3, 2008

Doing Things Over and Over and Over. . .

As an artist and perfectionist, I can make more work for myself than I need. I've been re-designing some jewelry that I had made last year for an art and craft show, and I'm getting pieces ready for this year's show. I've learned a few things from that time, and my taste in jewelry has changed slightly. So I've spent this last week taking apart, rearranging, and adding new things to my jewelry designs.

First off, I've become more obsessed with flowers. Yes, more obsessed. I bought some great Czech glass flower beads to incorporate in some of my old jewelry. I'm also creating a more vintage style using antique gold, copper and brass findings. I guess I'm reminiscent of the "good ole days" especially when the financial future seems so uncertain for us all.

I've also had some ideas about future posts that I've been writing down, and I'm trying to figure out how to execute some new ideas, including how-to tutorials, tips, and creative challenges. I also want to revamp my blog to make it more easy to navigate (not sure how to do that but will do some research).

So, this is the story of my life: make something, like it for awhile, get better at my craft, re-do things I've done before but make it a little better, do things over. . . and the cycle continues.