Sep 22, 2008


Right now I'm in Hawaii with my family. The flowers here are magnificent, and the varieties seem limitless. We hiked through the gardens of Waimea Falls where my daughter and I were able to take many pictures of the different flower species. It got me in the mood to paint (flowers always do that for me). I took the wonderful colors that I had experienced on the hike and applied them to a favorite flower of mine, the shasta daisy.

I will entitle this 5"x5" watercolor painting "Created". I have seen the many variety of flowers here in Hawaii, and I can see God's creative hand at work. How could such a splendid diversity evolve? Creating flowers must have brought Him great joy. I am painting for a local show in November in which I'll be painting a series of small flower portraits. The series will be called "Up Close and Personal" because each flower seems to have their own identity and personality. Each piece will be 5"x5", matted in white with a black frame.