Jul 25, 2008

Morning's Glory


Most of my work is watercolor, but lately I've started painting in acrylic and using collage as my foundation. This is my first collage/acrylic painting. I will be showing this 16x20 framed piece entitled "Morning's Glory"at the local arts center in September.

I start with a collage of papers and apply a glaze of acrylic paint over the top, wiping some of the paint off as I go. This unifies the papers and makes a good background. Textured rice papers work well because they absorb the paint in certain areas, enhancing the texture of the paper. I also used leaf forms. Using acrylic mat medium to collage the papers to the canvas, and applying another layer over the top of the paper pieces works well for the collage process.

Some of the paper I used had scripture verses that go with the theme of the painting. In this one I used Psalm 5:3. After the background has dried well, I then tape off an area and paint my main subject.